When, in 1983 – at the age of 8 – his family moved from New York to Israel,  Dov Abramson found himself hopping between two worlds. Decades later, he continues to explore multiple – sometimes competing – identities. Dov’s work is a constant examination of boundaries: between the sacred and the mundane, between the personal and the communal, between tradition and innovation. It is the acceptance of contradiction, rather than the effort to remedy it, that has guided both his artwork, and his life.

After completing high school, Dov enrolled in a Yeshivat Hesder, combining advanced Jewish studies with mandatory military service. He discovered, however, that the lines between the holy and the ordinary were grayer than the black and white letters in the texts before him. Dov decided to search out the ambiguities all around him, transferring out of the Yeshiva program and serving for three years in the army’s Intelligence Corps.

Dov’s fascination with his surrounding culture had always been fiercely visual, and so it was natural that he enrolled in the Graphic Design department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. At Bezalel, Dov was recognized for his ability to infuse his work with the sensibilities earned from his religious background.

In 2002, Dov founded an independent graphic design studio in Jerusalem. There, with his team, he continually tests the boundaries of form and text, color and language. The studio’s clientele stand on the forefront of contemporary Jewish and Israeli societies, affording Dov a view into the ever-changing front lines. The studio’s portfolio ranges from social and cultural organizations like the Avi Chai FoundationGesher and PresenTense to independent musicians such as Ofer Golany and Yoram Getzler.

To date, Dov’s work has been featured in Zeek Magazine, The Forward and Haaretz, among others. His work has been on exhibit at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, and purchased for the permanent collection of the Jewish Museum of New York.